Suspension Gouttie

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Type d’éclairage suspension - hauteur 150 cm max

Handcrafted in Belgium

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Can the lamp be used as a reading lamp?

We think these lights work well as reading lights. Of course, this will depend on the intensity of the bulb you use.

What type of paper is used?

The paper lamps are made with high quality 390g paper which contains cotton and has good strength and durability. The paper complies with the ISO 9706 standard and is FSC certified, which guarantees excellent conservation.

What type of bulb to use?

Use only LED bulbs and equivalent energy-saving bulbs that do not generate heat.

If you buy a Stuffed Tube table lamp, you must use an E27 type LED bulb.

We recommend an intensity of approximately 450 to 1500 lm (lumen). The bulb should not be in direct contact with the paper model. This will not happen if you follow the fitting instructions correctly and use the correct bulb.

Remember bulbs have different color temperatures, we recommend 3000K (warm white) or 4000K (cool white). The brightness of your paper lamp may vary depending on whether you are using a warmer or cooler light source.

What are the recommended care instructions?

Use a dry cloth or a feather duster with compressed air, from at least 30 cm away. to gently remove the dust accumulated on your paper lamp.

Are paper lamps fragile?

Our paper and fabric lamps are quite resistant once assembled, as they become rather compact volumes.

If your paper lamp suffers a mark, use an eraser to erase it.

Lamp typeSuspension
Diameter25 cm
Height54.5 cm
Cable150 cm
BulbE27 with LED filaments
PaperFSC 290 g
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